The mission of the Center for Family Progress is to assist new immigrants and underserved individuals and families to become inclusive members of the America society while respecting and valuing the traditions of their native countries. The Center for Family Progress will accomplish its purpose by providing individuals and families with the resources and skills necessary to successfully transition into the Greater Worcester and New England community.


The Center for Family Progress will become the premier resource organization committed to the social, educational, and economic well being of new immigrants and underserved individuals and families in the greater Worcester and New England community. The Center for Family Progress envisions a world where the aspirations of new immigrants and refugees are realized for the betterment of individuals, family, and community growth and development.


The Center for Family Progress will be guided in our decisions and actions by the following values:

  • Our respect for and commitment to new immigrants and underserved individuals and families.
  • Our dedication to the ideals of gender, racial, religious, sexual orientation, and ethnic equality.
  • Our fervent belief in the intractable and transcending connection between all people who inhabit our world


We help immigrants to find educational opportunities that would help them achieve their educational dreams.



To collaborate with organizations, agencies and government entities through integrated approach and locally focused strategies in helping immigrants to be economically independent



Work with organizations, government agencies, leaders, and communities to better serve the immigrants, refugees, and underserved community for our common goals of developing more educated immigrant, refugee, and underserved community, workforce and leadership.



Engaging government agencies, organizations, and communities to create pathways for immigrants, refugees, and underserved to become viable contributors toward developing our community.



CFP adheres to transparent accountability that is essential to its mission. We have accountability to our community, to be open about our strategies, and clear about their results. Our transparent focus is expressed in:

* Efficiently and accurately managing funding for programs to best serve a large and diverse immigrant population.

* Engaging in thorough financial oversight

* Treating all people with respect and politeness.

* Being transparent in all aspects of our service.